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Colonia de Sacramento

Colonia de Sacramento

To get to Colonia de Sacramento we had to take a boat over the river, yes it is a river with fresh water. The boat trip took about one hour. When we arrived in Uruguay, we were picked up by a bus and had a drive around the area.

Colonia Del Sacramento - Uruguay - 2010

After about an hour in the bus we left the bus and start walking around the city. It was not to hot and we had a pleasant tour before lunch.

Colonia Del Sacramento - Uruguay - 2010

We left lunch before desert to have more time walking around in this small city. Again there was a bit of shopping involved, but I not to much!

We took the boat back and we got a three mounts tourist visa for Argentina (supposedly this is what Norwegian sailors do if they have more than three mounts off in Argentina).

In the evening I had a great seafood dinner. Some of us even went to a night club and did not leave before the the lights came on 🙂

Packed and ready!

I have packed everything I need (I think), and are ready for my trip. The only problem are that the plane are scheduled in 5 hours. I want to leave now! 🙂

The weather forecast for Santiago are not great but it looks like I will have fine weather when I get to Easter Island.

I have added a new type of map on the page.

This will update through the trip so it will be possible to see on the map where I am.

You can see it here

[travelmap-map height=400 first=2010-11-18 last=2010-12-02]

[travelmap-list first=2010-11-18 last=2010-12-02]

You can always find this map under Trips -> Chile, Easter Island, Argentina autumn 2010 -> Autumn 2010 map

Plans for Easter Island, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

Plans for Easter Island, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

This time it is only Fredrik that are traveling. This is an organized trip where everything are booked through a travel agent.

I am a bit worried about traveling like this with no room for staying a day longer or changing plans if I don’t like it. But I guess that it will be fine.

We will fly in to Santiago, Chile in the morning and spend the day there. Next day we will fly out to Easter Island (a five and a half hour flight) where we will stay for three days. Easter Island is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited island in the world. We will fly back to Santiago and from there take a buss over the Andes, to Mendoza, Argentina. Where we will stay for two days. From Mendoza we will fly to Buenos Aires. We will stay in Buenos Aires for three days, where one of the days will be used for a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. The two days left we will be out on the pampas relaxing on a country estate.