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Nasca – Lima

We were picked up by our guide Leo at 6.30 am. It was a bit foggy so we went to visit the Cantallo aquaducts, which are still in working order and essential to irrigate the surrounding fields. We also had time to see how the local miners are working before the sky cleared up and we went to the airport.

We had a 35 minute flight over the Nasca lines in a small Cessna (3 seats + pilot). We heard that this flight could be a rough experience, but our pilot was excellent and we had a smooth flight.

Spider, Nasca Lines

Our guide took us for breakfast in a very local restaurant, we said goodbye an had some time to walk around Nasca city centre and relax in the sun before taking the bus back to Lima at 2.30 pm. We had the front seats on the upper deck, the so-called panorama seats.

We’re very pleased with the tour from and both our driver and our guide (Leo Reyes) were great!! We got to see a lot more than was originally included in the tour, and the knowledge of the guide was impressive.

We arrived in Lima quite late and went straight to the hotel.

Our bags are packed and we have a few hours in Lima before we are going home. We will be in Norway tomorrow (Sunday) around 4.30 pm.

Lima – Paracas

Tuesday we arrived at Lima Airport 6.30 pm and were picked up by a driver from our hotel. We went for dinner in a very charming Italian restaurant/deli/cheese shop/bakery. We also bought some breakfast for the next mornnig here. When we got back to the hotel our guide from had left us a message saying that we would leave at 8 am instead of 6 am. Great!

We expected to be part of a bigger group, but were picked up by the guide and a driver and will be on a private tour most of the time.

Our first stop on the way down the coast was Pachacamac, an extensive archaeological complex used as a ceremonial center since 800 BC.

We followed the Pan-American Highway to Paracas. After checking in to the hotel we went to the Paracas National Reserve where we started by visiting a small museum/information centre. We had lunch (seafood of course) in the tiny fishing village of Lagunillas where we also could see a lot of birds. We drove around the desert to visit several lookouts to see sea-lions, more birds and various rock formations. In the evening we walked around the very quiet city of Paracas and had dinner almost by ourselves in a nice, little restaurant.

Leaving Lima, going to Cuzco

All the guidebooks claim that Lima is a dangerous and unwelcoming city. We have experienced the oposite. The driver that picked us up at the airport was very friendly, and in spite of very limited English he were able to explain everything we saw on the way.

First Pisco Sour in Lima

We stayed in a small and very cozy hotel, central but quiet and peaceful. The first evening we went to a market/folklore festival, tasted the peruvian drink Pisco Sour and went to bed early.

Yesterday we woke up early and went city sightseeing. We walked to the main square, and later took a taxi to Miraflores. We walked along the beach for a while and stopped for beer and food on the way.

After some last minute shopping we had to taste the Lima speciality ceviche which is raw seafood marinated in lime. Been there, done that, never again… 😉

In a few minutes our nice driver is taking us to the airport and we are headed for Cuzco.

We have had a great time so far, and are really looking forward to the rest of the trip. How are things back home? Use our guestbook!