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I needed some time to myself so I did skip the Mendoza city tour and had a late breakfast in the predestinate street of Mendoza.

After breakfast I went shopping since I found out thet I had left my shorts (probably on Easter Island). After buying a new shorts and shirt, it was time for lunch and I joined the group for that. We had lunch in a big park. I should probably known more about this park, but I did not attend the city tour, so I don’t.

After lunch it was free time again and I did not do much more than walking a bit around the city. In the evening we were picked up by the bus to take us to diner. We were driven out to the wine area, where there was a small restaurant which served rabbit or pork, of course I choose the rabbit 🙂 We had to order wine, so we got a very good bottle, and a slightly cheaper after we finished the first!

Next day we were bicycling in the wine area. Visiting three wine yards Catena Zapata, Tapiz and Norton.

At Norton we had a late lunch before we jumped on the bus back to Mendoza.

Santiago to Mendoza

Santiago to Mendoza

We got up early for our drive over the Andes to Mendoza.

We had some great views of the Andes with fresh snow on the peeks and no clouds in the sky at all. We where driving more or less directly to the Argentine border, with a few stops for stretching our legs and a short stop for lunch. The border passing took a bit more than an hour, that supposedly are fast 🙂

The longer we got into Argentina the less steep and more rounded the mountains were.

A few kilometers into Argentina we stopped by the Inca bridge. The Inca empire stretched down here from Peru. The mountains changed when we where driving longer into Argentina. they got less steep and more rounded.

Just before we where going onto the highway to Mendoza, we where told that there was a blockade on the highway so we had to take a longer way into Mendoza, of course when you get off the highway it is more to see 🙂 So I was happy about that.

We had a prepaid dinner at the hotel.