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Galapagos and Central America 2014/2015

In only 1 week it’s time for this year’s big adventure. We both have a month vacation in December and got one month off (unpaid leave) in January, so we will be traveling for two months. We will start in Quito, Ecuador and continue to the Galapagos islands.

On the Galapagos we have signed up to take the PADI Open water course and certificate at TipTop diving and then go on a cruise for 7 nights visiting Isabela, Fernandina and Floreana on Angelito I.

After a short stopover in Guayaquil, we fly north to Nicaragaua and have almost 7 weeks to travel around Central America before our flight home from Panama. So far we only have one thing booked in this period, and that is to spend Christmas at Hotel Villa Amarilla in Tamarindo, Costa Rica like we did two years ago.

In addition to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we will probably visit Honduras, Guatemala and Panama, but with no itinerary planned we don’t really know until we’re there.

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Looking forward to Christmas

This Christmas will be celebrated in Central America. We will fly in to Panama City from Amsterdam; from there we will go to Boca del Toro. This should be perfect for watersport.

After Boca we will leave Panama for Costa Rica where we will start with turtle watching :). Then we will travel inland up to the cloud forest and volcanos. After six days we will travel by bus to San Jose and from there we will fly to Cuba.

If we can manage to get a casa particular in Santiago de Cuba we will fly down and celebrate New Year and National Liberation Day (January 1st) there, and from there go to Baracoa which are the oldest city in Cuba. The last days we will go to “Tobacco land”, Pinar del Rio, where we hope to meet up with José and Daniel who we met the last time we visited Cuba.

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Planning Cuba and Mexico

One week until we travel to Cuba and Mexico!

The trip will start in Havana the 11th of November, we have booked a hotel for 3 days. After Havana we have booked a car, our plan is to drive to Viñales, Matanzas, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Bay of Pigs and back to Havana

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From Havana we will fly to Cancun in Mexico, since this is a place for party and charter we decided to find a hotel in Tulum, a bit south west of Cancun. In Tulum we are close to many of the Maya sites in the region.

This is the plan one week before we leave, where we will go and how things will work out we will find out as we go 🙂 The update on this site will be limited during this trip because it is hard to find internet on Cuba.

Map Cuba/Mexico 2011 >>

Packed and ready!

I have packed everything I need (I think), and are ready for my trip. The only problem are that the plane are scheduled in 5 hours. I want to leave now! 🙂

The weather forecast for Santiago are not great but it looks like I will have fine weather when I get to Easter Island.

I have added a new type of map on the page.

This will update through the trip so it will be possible to see on the map where I am.

You can see it here

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You can always find this map under Trips -> Chile, Easter Island, Argentina autumn 2010 -> Autumn 2010 map

Plans for Easter Island, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

Plans for Easter Island, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

This time it is only Fredrik that are traveling. This is an organized trip where everything are booked through a travel agent.

I am a bit worried about traveling like this with no room for staying a day longer or changing plans if I don’t like it. But I guess that it will be fine.

We will fly in to Santiago, Chile in the morning and spend the day there. Next day we will fly out to Easter Island (a five and a half hour flight) where we will stay for three days. Easter Island is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited island in the world. We will fly back to Santiago and from there take a buss over the Andes, to Mendoza, Argentina. Where we will stay for two days. From Mendoza we will fly to Buenos Aires. We will stay in Buenos Aires for three days, where one of the days will be used for a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. The two days left we will be out on the pampas relaxing on a country estate.


On our way

In a few hours we’re on our way to China!! The first few days we will stay with Monica and Stian in Shanghai. We have booked a flight to Datong on Tuesday and plan to stay there for 2 nights. That should be enough to see the main sights (Yungang caves, The hanging monastery, Drum tower, Nine dragon screen etc.).

We will try to catch a train from Datong to Beijing on Thursday and will spend at least 4 nights there. There’s a lot of things to see in and around Beijing, and we’re also concidering a 1 day hike on The Great Wall.

Our plan after Beijing was to take the train to Lhasa, Tibet. But at the moment Tibet is closed ( so we will have to wait until we’re in China to plan/order the rest of the trip, and might have to change the itinerary a bit. No problem at all!

One week…. and then we are off

It is one week left until we leave Norway and go to Peru
We will fly to Lima and stay there for one day. Then we will fly to Cusco (3300m or 10800 ft). In Cusco we will meet up with Jørgen, Kristina, Jon and Laura.

Cusco will be our “base” for about a week. From there we will go to Machu Picchu (2400m or 7875 ft), Sacred Valley and Amazonas.

The next stop wil be the city Puno and Lake Titicaca (3812m or 12507ft). We will stay there for three days.

Then our trip will take us to Arequipa (2380m or 7740ft) and Colca Canyon.

Then we will go back to Lima and go for a 3 day’s trip south of Lima to the Paracas Nature Reserve and the Nazca Lines.

Peru Map
Map with travel details