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Galapagos and Central America 2014/2015

In only 1 week it’s time for this year’s big adventure. We both have a month vacation in December and got one month off (unpaid leave) in January, so we will be traveling for two months. We will start in Quito, Ecuador and continue to the Galapagos islands.

On the Galapagos we have signed up to take the PADI Open water course and certificate at TipTop diving and then go on a cruise for 7 nights visiting Isabela, Fernandina and Floreana on Angelito I.

After a short stopover in Guayaquil, we fly north to Nicaragaua and have almost 7 weeks to travel around Central America before our flight home from Panama. So far we only have one thing booked in this period, and that is to spend Christmas at Hotel Villa Amarilla in Tamarindo, Costa Rica like we did two years ago.

In addition to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we will probably visit Honduras, Guatemala and Panama, but with no itinerary planned we don’t really know until we’re there.

1Quito, Ecuador29 November, 2014
2Puerto Ayora, Ecuador2 December, 2014
3Playa Las Bachas, Ecuador7 December, 2014
4Mosquera Islet, Ecuador8 December, 2014
5Dragon Hill, Ecuador8 December, 2014
6Rabida Island, Ecuador8 December, 2014
7Tagus Cove, Ecuador9 December, 2014
8Punta Espindza, Ecuador9 December, 2014
9Urbina bay, Ecuador10 December, 2014
10Elizabeth bay, Ecuador10 December, 2014
11Punta Moreno, Ecuador11 December, 2014
12Puerto Villamil, Ecuador12 December, 2014
13Punta Cormorant, Ecuador13 December, 2014
14Devil's Crown, Ecuador13 December, 2014
15Post Office Bay, Ecuador13 December, 2014
16Puerto Ayora, Ecuador13 December, 2014
17Daphne Mayor, Ecuador14 December, 2014
18Guayaquil, Ecuador15 December, 2014
19Leon, Nicaragua15 December, 2014
20Granada, Nicaragua18 December, 2014
21Tamarindo, Costa Rica23 December, 2014
22Ometepe, Nicaragua27 December, 2014
23Roatan, Honduras30 December, 2014
24Antigua, Guatemala7 January, 2015
25Lake Atitlán, Guatemala12 January, 2015
26Flores, Guatemala14 January, 2015
27Caye Caulker, Belize16 January, 2015
28San Pedro, Belize20 January, 2015
29Portobelo, Panama24 January, 2015
30Panama City, Panama26 January, 2015
31San Blas, Panama27 January, 2015
32Panama City, Panama30 January, 2015