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Christmas day in San José

We enjoyed our last hours in Tamarindo to the fullest, but at 1130 it was time to say goodbye and leave for the airport. We had such a great time here and met so many great people, so it was sad to go, but we will stay in touch with everyone, and hopefully go back one day. The tiny airport in Tamarindo was only a 5 minute drive from the hotel, and was very basic with two check-in counters and some outdoor benches. Our flight was a bit delayed, so we relaxed with a book in the shadow. We had a direct flight to San Jóse in a small Cessna with 12 seats.

We took a taxi to the hotel, checked in and went down to the restaurant for some lunch. But the restaurant at the hotel was closed and so was pretty much the rest of the city. So we ended up at Sportsmen’s Lounge where we not only got some lunch, but also got to taste two craft beers from Costa Rica. We startet talking to a couple sitting at the bar tasting the same beer, and it turned out they both worked at a brewery in Michigan. Great people! They wanted to go to a place with some more music, people and dancing later, and we agreed to meet at a place suggested by the bartender at 8 pm. In the meantime we went back to change our clothes (it’s a bit colder here than in Tamarindo, only 21 degrees celsius), and went for a walk in the city to try to buy some gifts to bring to Cuba. But we only found a few stores that were open, so we only got a couple of the things on our list. Let’s hope for better luck at the airport tomorrow.

At 8 pm we went to the club as planned, but it was not open yet, so we went back to Sportsmen’s Lounge which was the only place we knew was open. We had some bar snack and another beer, before heading back to the hotel to finish our Costa Rica blog. Tomorrow morning we go to Cuba, and will most likely be completely offline until January 8th.