Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Christmas in Tamarindo

We had ordered a shuttle to pick us up at the hostel in La Fortuna at 8 am, the morning persons as we are, we grabbed a fast breakfast before leaving. It was a long drive but better roads than the drive from Monteverde. We arrived at Villa Amarilla around 1 pm. Several of the same people were still there, and we got a very warm welcome. So nice :-).

We went out for a quick lunch, we had decided to go to the best sushi in town, but that was closed. We ended up eating in a pizza place. The rest of the day was swimming and total relaxation. In the evening we went to the Lazy Wave, to taste stingray and the best see bass in Costa Rica. We were not disappointed. Later on we sat in the backyard chatting and having fun. We took an early night.

On Christmas eve we had a late breakfast bought at the supermarket and around 12 pm Fredrik went out to rent a beginners surfboard. He came back with a big board with soft edges, so now it was time to start learning. Lisa (another guest at the hotel) showed us the basics at the beach and then we got into the water. Fredrik was able to stand up on the board tree times 🙂 Gunnhild managed 1 time. It was fun but tiring. A group from the hotel had left early that day to go fishing with TJ. They came home with a big Amber Jack and we had a big dinner in the evening where everyone were invited. The best Christmas eve we could imagine on this side of the Atlantic. Perfect! We also got to talk with some family back home using Skype. It was fun to see the snow and the Christmas decorations, but even more fun to show them the beautiful surroundings we had.