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Tamarindo 2

We did not get up very early the next day, and things did not go very fast. We ended up cooking our own breakfast bought at the super marked in the kitchen at the hotel. We had a few swims, laying in the hammock relaxing, reading books, talking to TJ (the other owner of the hotel) and in the afternoon watching the beautiful sunset. In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Later we sat at the patio with Zak, sharing traveling stories and got early to bed.

Another lazy morning, but we got out of the hotel for breakfast at a cozy beach bar. We had booked a sunset snorkeling sail trip (also known as booze cruise) with Zak and Jesse and went out on the boat around 1 pm. When we got there they told us that they had 40 cases of beer and we agreed that we should do what we could to empty their coolers.They also had a special drink that seemed to get stronger and stronger during the trip. When we got to the snorkeling ground we got disappointed because the snorkeling was not very good, but we still had a great time in the net at the front of the catamaran and met a lot of nice people from around the world. The sunset was also a bit disappointing since we were almost on shore when the sun sat, and it actually looked better from the beach by Villa Amarilla.

When we arrived back at the hotel the gate to the beach was closed so we had to climb over, but that was not a problem for four “young” people getting off a booze cruise 🙂 Off course we could have walked around and used the key on the other side of the hotel… We found what we had of beer and tequila to continue the party in the garden. TJ came and joined us with his bottle of tequila and we had a great evening with plenty of laughs. We actually enjoyed it so much that we decided to cancel two nights in La Fortuna and come back to Tamarindo and Villa Amarilla for Christmas instead. Can’t think of a better place to celebrate!