Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild


In the morning after a significantly smaller breakfast than we got in Bocas, we ordered a private taxi to take us to Tamarindo (one hour drive). We got to Hotel Villa Amarilla around 1pm, and got a tequila shot with one of the owners (Cinde) at arrival :-). We immediately fell in love with this place, it had a big garden with hammocks and sitting areas in the shadow for complete relaxation and in a corner of the garden they have massage. We got a big room with three beds and a small fridge. Amarilla is located on the beach, so to get in the water we had to walk about 5 meters on high tide and 30 meters on low tide. During the day we watched the surfers, walked on the beach and off course had a swim.

At sunset we had a good risotto with lobster dinner on a beach restaurant two minutes walk from the hotel. We had scheduled a turtle watching tour this evening and got picked up by the hotel at time. We were told that there was few leatherbacks, so we couldn’t expect to see any of those, but there should be 95 present chance to see black turtles. They are smaller, but still quite big turtles. We walked to the end of the beach to have the moon shine helping us spot the turtles when they came up of the water. On the walk to the end of the beach we walked by a few big hatching holes (1.5 meter in diameter) one with hatched eggs from yesterday. We ended up seeing 3 black turtles but no hatching 🙁

When we got back to the hotel, we started talking to Zak, Jesse and Sharon. This talk ended up with playing Norwegian music until 3 am with a lot of beer and tequila. Nice!