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Looking forward to Christmas

This Christmas will be celebrated in Central America. We will fly in to Panama City from Amsterdam; from there we will go to Boca del Toro. This should be perfect for watersport.

After Boca we will leave Panama for Costa Rica where we will start with turtle watching :). Then we will travel inland up to the cloud forest and volcanos. After six days we will travel by bus to San Jose and from there we will fly to Cuba.

If we can manage to get a casa particular in Santiago de Cuba we will fly down and celebrate New Year and National Liberation Day (January 1st) there, and from there go to Baracoa which are the oldest city in Cuba. The last days we will go to “Tobacco land”, Pinar del Rio, where we hope to meet up with José and Daniel who we met the last time we visited Cuba.

Destination Arrival
1 Panama City, Panama 8 December, 2012
2 Bocas del Toro, Panama 11 December, 2012
3 Liberia, Costa Rica 15 December, 2012
4 Tamarindo, Costa Rica 16 December, 2012
5 Monteverde, Costa Rica 19 December, 2012
6 La Fortuna, Costa Rica 21 December, 2012
7 San Jose, Costa Rica 25 December, 2012
8 Havana, Cuba 26 December, 2012
9 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 28 December, 2012
10 Baracoa, Cuba 2 January, 2013
11 Havana, Cuba 4 January, 2013
12 Pinar del Rio, Cuba 5 January, 2013