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Tulum day 6

We got up early to beat the tourist buses to Tulum ruins, were there just after they opened at 8 and had the place pretty much to our selves. Tulum was an important port in the Mayan trade routes and is one of the best preserved costal Maya sites. The ruins are situated on 12 meter high cliffs and we took a swim from the beach to get the view from the sea side.

Back at the hotel we had a big breakfast with lots of fresh fruit, and then we went snorkeling for more than an hour. There were not too much fish in the area but we saw a few big ones, and discovered that cold water (probably from the cenotes) were coming up from the sea bed.

We were thinking of going snorkeling in a cenote, but ended up spending the afternoon relaxing on our sun beds drinking Piña Coladas. In the evening we tried out both Mexican and Mayan coffee, which the bartender mixed by our table in a spectacular way with lots of fire.