Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Tulum day 3

Since we agreed with Penny to share a taxi to Coba, we got up early and were picked up at 0830. It took about 40 minutes to get there, and there were hardly any cars in the parking area. We had a 45 minutes guided tour of the main sites, before going on our own through the jungle to the highest temple the second highest Mayan temple (Nohoch Mul – 42 meters). This is the only temple you are allowed to climb, and it will probably be closed off next year. Of course we climbed to the top where we were astonished that there were hardly any wind although it was quite windy down below. On the way back we stopped by several other ruins, where the most impressive ones were the watch tower and the ball court.

Back in Tulum we had lunch at Pollo Bronco which is a local restaurant that buys fresh chicken in the morning and closes when they are sold out. Highly recommended! After more than two weeks of travelling we needed some European food, and ended up in an Italian restaurant and had great pizzaa bottle of Montepulciano red wine.

After dinner we met Anthony and Martine in Caribe Swing. Later we walked down the main street to find a more lively bar, but it was obviously a slow night in Tulum. We still had a great evening together, and look forward to keep in touch.