Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Cienfuegos – Havana

At 0900 we left Cienfuegos and drove via Bay of Pigs towards Havana. We might have missed something, but we didn’t find any nice places on this route. It was mostly forests with no views and tourist resorts wherever we got close to the ocean. We ended up stopping at a banana plantation by the autopista to eat our take-away breakfast.

We arrived in Havana at 1400 and went straight to Hotel Lincoln where we had booked a cheap room. We delivered our rental car without any problems, and tried to get on the internet for the first time in two weeks. It took us 30 minutes to check one email and book a shuttle for Mexico. Really slow!

Back at the hotel we met up with Peter and Ute. He took us to Plaza Vieja, a really nice square in the old town with a brewery pub where we sat down for a few beers and a small dinner. We walked a bit around in Havana, and took a goodbye drink with Peter at the hotel before he left for the airport.