Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild


We started the day at the delfinarium, where Gunnhild and Ute had a swim with the dolphins. When we got there a group of 8 were already in the water, but only one more person showed up after we arrived so we were only 3 people swimming with 2 dolphins. In the beginning it was mainly a photo shoot with kissing and clapping for the camera. Later we got to play and swim around more, and the highlight was standing on the tip of the dolphins’ noses.

We drove out to the entrance of the Cienfuegos Bay where we could see over to Castillo de Jagua, the fortress on the other side and also had a nice view over the bay towards Cienfuegos city.

Back at the casa we managed to get our host Maritza (who didn’t speak English) to help us book a hotel in Havana, copy the dolphinarium pictures from a CD, agree on take-away-breakfast for the next morning and find the most scenic route to Havana. We went to the main street, bought a beer and sat down on a bench watching people and cars. We met Ute at 18 and went to an Italian restaurant where we had a great dinner with wine and paid 15 USD for all three.

While walking around trying to find a nice bar we met a local named Ricardo. After asking where we were from, he told us he had a brother in Røros. We went to a small, local bar for some drinks and a great conversation. We had a good laugh when Ricardo told us that he learned that Norwegians got “drita full” (very, very drunk) on the weekends.