Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Cienfuegos + Santa Clara

We decided to take a day trip to Santa Clara which was the site of the last battle in the Cuban revolution in 1958. The roads from Cienfuegos to Santa Clara goes through a lot of small villages, and since it was quite early in the morning there were people and animals everywhere and a lot to see and a lot to pay attention to. We stopped at the main attraction, the Che Guevara monument. We tried to go to the museum, but with a lot of tour busses and school excursions the line was too long for us.

We continued to the city center where we stopped in Parque Vidal before going to the Parque del Tren blindado. On our way back we stopped at the Che Guevara monument again, and this time there were no lines. We were also surprised to see that both the museum and the mausoleum had free entry.

Back in Cienfuegos we went for a walk in the old town, before catching a bicycle taxi to La Punta. We had a drink there before walking to Palacio del Valle. Sadly the terrace was closed for renovation, so we only got to take some pictures from the outside. We also went to a nearby park which had a lot of sculptures made of recycled bikes, radiators and other stuff.

After yet another very good and too big dinner at the casa, Gunnhild went to bed while Fredrik had a beer with Maritza and her teacher in Italian.