Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Trinidad day 4

Our dive instructor, Pedro, picked us up at the casa and we drove to La Boca in our car to pick up the diving equipment. We continued to a small beach between La Boca and Ancon where the reef was really close to the shore. Except from two Swiss girls we were all alone on the beach. We started with some snorkeling while they were diving, and then Pedro took Ute out for a dive. She was a bit worried, but he was very calm, patient and professional so she had a great experience. We also brought our new underwater camera, and Pedro was documenting Ute’s dive. The two of us had a great dive with dive master Mandi. We went down to 8 meters and Mandi caught two lobsters with his spear. He also took plenty of pictures, and they were both very excited and a bit jealous. We agreed with Pedro that he could come to the casa to get a copy of the pictures.

When we got back to the casa we ordered soup for dinner, thinking it would be a light meal. Mirella and Ivan were in Havana fixing some papers after their trip to Switzerland, so the neighbor made a large bowl of chicken soup for us. While we were sitting in the kitchen going through the dive pictures we smelled something great being cooked somewhere, and Ute went down to ask what it was. Luckily it turned out to be our dinner!

Pedro came by later with a USB-stick borrowed from a friend of a friend, and he was very happy to get the pictures. We also agreed on another dive early the next morning. In the evening we finished the rum, went out to by more but the store was closed. So we had to open a couple of the souvenir bottles bought in Havana.