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Trinidad day 2

We had a late breakfast and decided to spend a day on the beach. We ended up at Playa Ancon, which is in the hotel area, but there were hardly any people on the beach. We did some snorkeling but there was not much to see, and we also had a bit of clouds. But it was nice with a relaxing day, where we were served pizza for 1 USD. We were also offered fresh lobster for 7 USD from the son of a fisherman that was out fishing, but we decided to go to the great paladar from last night instead.

After a shower and a drink at the casa we went out to eat. We had a little trouble finding the place, so we agreed to look at few other paladares that people offered on the street before we were offered the right one. It was obvious that it was popular, because the didn’t have any tables left when we got there, but they managed to squeeze a spare table in in the back yard. While waiting we had a drink and suddenly noticed that Peter was there as well. After yet another amazing dinner he joined us to Casa de la Musica where we sat in the stairs watching the salsa dancers. At midnight we celebrated Ute’s birthday. Fredrik tried to by her a fancy drink, but the best they could offer was a straw. We still had a great evening and got to bed quite late.