Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild


We had a big breakfast by the pool before we walked to the city center of Cardenas, where we had a guided tour of the main sights. There were hardly any cars in the city, even the local buses were horse carriages, and we took one of these back to the casa.

Angelo told us that it should be possible to reach Trinidad in two hours if we skipped Santa Clara which was the original plan. After a long and confusing drive through the citrus plantations we finally reached the autopista after 3 hours. The locals guided us in all different directions, probably based on the quality of the roads. When we left the autopista and turned towards Trinidad we picked up a hitchhiker going to Cienfuegos. Just after Cienfuegos we stopped for a new hitchhiker who wanted to bring his whole family in our small car. We said only one, and he came with us to Trinidad. On the way there we had a flat tire, but Fredrik and the hitchhiker fixed it in a few minutes.

Five hours after we started from Cardenas we finally arrived in Trinidad just when it was getting dark. We had quite a bit of trouble finding a casa, since everything was full. But at El Chef they had one room for us and Ute got to stay in a private bed downstairs. Again we had a fantastic dinner at the casa, this time with Cuban red wine from Soroa.