Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Havana – Pinar Del Rio

We picked up our car at 1100 a bit delayed because no one was at the car rental desk. After studying the map briefly we decided it was time to go! All guides and taxi drivers that we talked to was saying that we would have trouble getting out of Havana without help, but in spite of construction work we found the autopista at first try!

The autopista is something for it self, 6 lanes with hardly any cars, but plenty of horse carriages, bicyclists, hitchhikers, domestic animals crossing and potholes everywhere.

Gunnhild held track of the side roads so we would not miss the exit for Las Terrazas, witch was a tiny crossing with no signs at all.

Las Terrazas is a community built for the farmers by the government in 1968 and are surrounded by pine trees. On the way through Soroa to the autopista we drove trough a landslide which had taken all the road, but we managed to get past even with our small Hyundai.

On our way into Pinar Del Rio a bicyclist stop us and asked if he should guide us to the city center. He led us to an English speaking friend and they showed us a great Paladar where we had lunch. for a couple beers they also help us find a Casa Particular (Guesthouse) which was good since the entire city was fully booked. In the evening we walked down the main street and looked for a nice bar to relax with a mojito. We met Daniel who showed us his fathers restaurant one block outside the main street. He had a great terrace with two rocking chairs where we stayed all night talking to the owner José, drinking all kinds of drinks, and when we asked for an 7 year old rum which he didn’t have, he ran out and bought a bottle. We gave away a lot of pens, paper and flashlights to the kids eating in his restaurant and after being totally immersed for a long time we got lots of greetings and drawings back.