Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild

Arriving in Havana

We had a nice flight to Havana, without any big issues. The airplane clock did say it was 2000, while waiting at our bags, Gunnhild saw a clock saying it was 2100, but we agreed that the airplane clock probably was right. We arrived in a taxi at hotel Deauville around 2200 and was happy with that. The next day we got up at 0900 for breakfast, but when we went down to the breakfast area we were told that the breakfast was closing at 1000, so the airplane clock was wrong 🙁 .

We decided to walk to the old Havana along the Malecon (costal road), we did not go long before a guy (Jorge Antonio) came up to us and started to talk about showing us around the city. After a while we agreed to go with him to a place that should play salsa, but when we arrived there was no salsa, but they would be start playing around 1500. We had a Mojito before he showed us to a paladar (private restaurant) that served us good breakfast. During breakfast we agreed to a guided tour around Havana the next day, and continued to explore the city center on our own. After a while we met a young couple that had their ten year anniversary, that took us to a local café where an 85 year old from Buena vista social club and his band had a small concert.

Later in the day we had a drink at the terrace at hotel Lincoln, where we met two Norwegians couples and their daughters that we exchange students for 3 months. We had a bad dinner in a bar on San Rafael street, but after the dinner we had a lot of fun trying to dance salsa with the locals and drinking cheap rum.

When we got back to the hotel we stopped by in the lobby bar, and started talking to a German girl (Ute) that was traveling on her own for about 4 mounts.