Travel Blog for Fredrik and Gunnhild


I needed some time to myself so I did skip the Mendoza city tour and had a late breakfast in the predestinate street of Mendoza.

After breakfast I went shopping since I found out thet I had left my shorts (probably on Easter Island). After buying a new shorts and shirt, it was time for lunch and I joined the group for that. We had lunch in a big park. I should probably known more about this park, but I did not attend the city tour, so I don’t.

After lunch it was free time again and I did not do much more than walking a bit around the city. In the evening we were picked up by the bus to take us to diner. We were driven out to the wine area, where there was a small restaurant which served rabbit or pork, of course I choose the rabbit 🙂 We had to order wine, so we got a very good bottle, and a slightly cheaper after we finished the first!

Next day we were bicycling in the wine area. Visiting three wine yards Catena Zapata, Tapiz and Norton.

At Norton we had a late lunch before we jumped on the bus back to Mendoza.