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Easter Island day two

I got up at 0600 to find out that May Hege and Marianne had a taxi waiting to take them to Ahu Tongariki to see the sunrise. I grabbed my camera and joined them. When we arrived 20 minutes before sunrise it was raining, we staid in the car until it stopped raining (about 10 minutes before sunrise). but the sky did not clear so we had no sunrise at Ahu Tongariki 🙁 but we got some fun pictures!

Hanga Roa - Chile - 2010

When we arrived back we had about half an hour to get ready for the sightseeing with the group. We had a short drive to a site named Ana Kai Tangata witch was a cave in a small bay. In the sealing of the cave we could see remains of paintings related to the birdmen cult.

From the bay we walked up the volcano Rano Kau. It was a good climb up and half the way it started raining. But we continued with a smile, it was worm and some rain can’t hurt anyone.

When we arrived at the top (GPS height at 284 meters) we looked down to the volcano and it was huge! It was starting to be at bit windy so some of the group got into a car to the next site, Orongo. The rest of us was walking on the volcano edge.
Hanga Roa - Chile - 2010
The Orongo was a religious, social and political site, where the chosen one from each village came to live and to be part of a competition to find the leader of the island.
The competition was to snatch the first tern egg on Motu Nui (island south of the volcano). The leader of the village will then be the birdman for the next year.
It was raining hard and the wind was a bit to much from time to time, but I enjoyed the site 🙂

We were driven back to have lunch and then free time.
Some of us found a nice restaurant down by the harbor where we had some drinks and talked about all the amassing sites we had visited.

After dinner we had some beers before some of us decided to take a swim in the pacific (I think it was around 0300). This was the last night at Easter island so there were no reason to sleep before flying back to Santiago.