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Arrived in Shanghai today after a 10 hour flight from Frankfurt. The airport here in Shanghai must be the smoothest airport in the world, we hardly had to wait for anything.

The taxi to Stian and Monica was fast, cheap and a bit scary, but the welcome was warm and the beer was cold!

After enjoying the view from the 25th floor we went for a walk in the neighborhood, The French Concession. We had lunch in a modern chinese restaurant and Monica picked her favorite dishes for us all to share.

Lunch Shanghai

After some electronics shopping in a huge and slightly confusing shopping mall we picked up a few different world beers and headed back to the apartment, since Monica and Stian were leaving for the Philippines in a few hours.
So now we are all alone in a modest apartment (3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms) in a small, charming city (approx. 13 millon people) and look forward to a good night’s sleep since none of us slept much on the flight.